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Anodyne Therapy

What is Anodyne Therapy?

Anodyne emits monochromatic infrared photo energy (MIRE™) to substantially increase local circulation and temporarily reduce pain. Andodyne has been designed to maximize the effectiveness of infrared photo energy using highly efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) placed in direct skin contact.

Anodyne Therapy helps patients with:


Diabetic Neuropathy

Loss of Sensation


Stroke Patients

Circulatory Problems Pain

Poor Gait and Balance

What should you expect from our program?

Pain is often the first symptom to improve in our program, while functional improvements may take more therapy. Most patients say the Anodyne Therapy feels warm and soothing. Others say the feel some tingling and pulsing.

This is normal as blood flow returns to the area. Some patients respond very quickly in our comprehensive program, while others take longer based on their degree of impairment. Our treatment plan usually involves 10 to 24 therapy sessions

Therapy may include any or all of the following interventions, depending on the patients’ particular needs:

Anodyne Therapy to reduce pain and increase circulation to impaired tissues and nerves

Stretching and strengthening exercises

Dynamic and static balance exercises

Massage and the use of other therapeutic modalities for pain

Sensory integrative techniques to put it all together

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported as long as Anodyne Therapy is properly used and monitored. If you have diabetes, check your blood sugars often during any change in therapy or activity. Always follow the directions of your doctor or therapist when using Anodyne Therapy.


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