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CARE Medical History Bracelet

Stores Lifesaving Information for Emergencies

The World’s First Electronic Medical Bracelet

In an emergency, the bracelet can be plugged into ANY computer (PC or MAC), providing instant access to your complete health history including:

List of all Medications and Medical Conditions

Insurance and Primary Physican Information

Emergency contact information with complete access to medical history, you won’t forget or confuse vital information during an emergency. Your information stays organized, updated and under your control

Easily transfer or print information for healthcare provider or insurance company

You control the information entered

Very easy-to-software, included on the wristband

No internet storage and no additional fees


Easy to use and update unlike engraved bands

Private + Portable

Durable + Waterproof

Software included on wristband


Q - Does the doctor or EMT require special software to view my information?

A – No special software is needed to view your emergency information.

Q - Do I need internet access to use my CARE Medical History Bracelet?

A – No, the information is entered and accessed without the internet.

Q - Are there any monthly fees/charges?

A – There are no fees or charges.

Q - How much information can I store on my wristband?

Q – How much information can I store on my wristband?

Q - Can I print out the information I have on my Medical History Bracelet?

A – Yes, you can.

Q - Is the CARE Medical History Bracelet waterproof?

A – Yes, just make sure you dry it thoroughly after exercising, swimming, bathing, etc.a

Q - Does the CARE Medical History Bracelet contain Latex?

A – It does not contain Latex.

Q - Is the CARE Medical History Bracelet for anyone?

A – Anyone with a medical condition, caregivers, athletes, business travelers, even parents who want to leave their children’s emergency information with a babysitter…

Q - How secure is the CARE Medical History Bracelet on my wrist?

A – The CARE Medical Bracelet has a patented “interlocking mechanism” preventing the bracelet from inadvertently coming off.


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