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Eligibility & Requesting Services

Who is eligible and pays for Homecare?

Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance and Private Pay are all possible payment sources for home health care services.


Medicare covers 100% of home health charges if the patient meets the following conditions:

The patient is eligible for Medicare coverage.

The home health services are ordered by the patient’s physician.

The patient is essentially homebound.

The patient requres skilled nursing care, physical therapy, or speech therapy.

The patient requires intermitent care.

If one of the above services is providing care, then the patient may also receive Occupational Therapy. Medical Social Services, and Home Health Aide care as needed. Necessary medical supplies and durable medical equipment may also be convered.


Medicaid generally follows the same guidelines as Medicare. However, questions regarding an individual’s specific coverage should be directed to Acute Home Healthcare staff before services begin.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial health insurance policies typically cover home care however benefits vary from plan to plan. Acute has a helpful and knowledgeable staff to assist in determining coverage with insurance companies and the procedures involved to bill for those services.

Private Pay

Home care services that fail to meet the criteria of third party payers must be paid for “out of pocket” by the patient or other party.

How to Request Home Health Care Services

Physician, Social Work or discharge planning department may call or fax over the CPC (continuing plan of care) regarding patient in need of home care. Anyone may conduct Acute Home Health Care at (248) 816-1600 to inquire about our services. Authorization from you physician is necessary before any skilled care can begin.


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